Whether you are running a marathon or holding a coffee morning these tips will help you get started.

Get in touch

If you are thinking about organising a fundraiser the first step is to contact us. The Fundraising Officer can provide ideas and advice on how to get started fundraising. We can also provide t-shirts, sponsor forms and anything other materials you might need.


By phone: 0141 226 1610 (direct fundraising line 0141 226 1619)

By email:

In person: The Mungo Foundation, 196 Clyde Street, Glasgow, G1 4JY

Start asking for donations

Be proud to ask – you are raising money for a fantastic cause! We recommend setting up an online Just Giving page. Sharing this link through email, and social media is a great way to get donations. Carrying your paper sponsor forms everywhere you go is also a great way to make sure you don’t miss an opportunity to ask for a donation. Ask your workplace if they will match your total or make a donation. If you will need prizes for a raffle or tombola give yourself plenty of time to collect them in. If you are approaching businesses to ask for prizes we can provide a letter of authority.

Spread the word

Tell everyone you know!  Online reminders via email, Facebook and Twitter can really help. We can provide a poster template that you can share in your local area. You may also want to contact your local paper. Let the Fundraising Officer know if you would like to share your good news story with your local press.

Some legal points to consider

Raffles - If you are holding a raffle as part of an event cloakroom tickets can be used as long as they are only sold during the event and there are no cash prizes (gift vouchers are allowed).  If you wish to run your raffle over a period of time you will need printed raffle tickets and a lottery licence. The Fundraising Officer can offer advice on this.

Collections - If you are collecting or selling in a public place then you must obtain a licence from the local authority. If you are planning to do collections on private property, like a supermarket or a shopping centre, then you must obtain permission from the owner or manager. Please do not collect money door-to-door as this is illegal without a licence.

Health and safety – Make sure your event is safe.  Speak to your venue about their health and safety polices.  Please take care if you are carrying cash and make sure someone else is with you.

Insurance – When holding an event you or the venue owner should have appropriate insurance such as public liability insurance.

Enjoy your big day!

Fundraising is not always easy, please remember you are doing a fantastic job and every penny you raise is appreciated by those who are supported by The Mungo Foundation.

Say thank you and count the cash!

Announcing your total to everyone who has help make it happen is the best reward for your hard work.

There are several ways to get your donation to us. Please post cheques or hand in cash  in person to The Mungo Foundation, 196 Clyde Street, Glasgow, G1 4JY. We can also accept payment by BACS or over the phone by credit or debit card – call 0141 226 1610 for details.



For more information on fundraising please email Suzanne Laporte at or call Head Office on 0141 226 1610