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StartQuote  Megan, McNeil Street Project   

Megan is our newest volunteer, having recently started helping at our McNeil Street Project.  Our Volunteer Coordinator caught up with her to find out how she was getting on.

How are you enjoying volunteering at McNeil Street?

I've only been here a few weeks but so far it's going great.  I come in on Saturdays when some residents are out with their families and do activities with those whose families maybe don't come to visit them as often.  It's nice because it's a bit quieter and I have enough time to properly chat with people.

What attracted you to volunteering with The Mungo Foundation?

I was initially attracted because of the support this serviceprovides for people with Dementia.  I'm doing a degree in neuroscience at Glasgow University and would like to focus on Dementia in the future so I wanted to get experience meeting and helping people with the disease.  I hadn't heard much about The Mungo Foundation as a whole but through training I've come to know more about it.  I didn't realise it was so large!

What do you enjoy most about volunteering?

I love getting to know the residents and finding out more about the day-to-day of living with Dementia, its really rewarding.  I’ve also really enjoyed the training; I went to the Adult Support and Protection day and it was really interesting.  I haven’t had much experience of care so it was good to hear peoples’ experiences.  The Orientation was good too to find out about the organisation and feel like you’re part of something bigger. 

StartQuote Philip, Head Office: Fundraising Department

After volunteering in America and internationally, Philip contacted The Mungo Foundation when he moved to Glasgow to start a Masters degree. Looking for a flexible volunteering role that would fit in with his studies, our Fundraising Officer, Sarah, jumped at the chance of having his help with her Corporate Fundraising plans.

Philip now volunteers up to three hours a week from home, researching companies to approach about fundraising opportunities and partnerships with The Mungo Foundation. The role is flexible and allows Philip to continue with his studies whilst using his research skills for a good cause.

Philip is a fantastic volunteer and a perfect example of how volunteering can be tailored to suit an individuals needs and time constraints to still be a huge benefit to the organisation.