The Mungo Foundation provides two outreach tenancy support services for young people and for people with alcohol addiction issues.  

A.S.I.S.T. (Advice, Support and Information for Sustaining Tenancies) supports young people (16-25) who are vulnerable with chaotic lives and who require support to maintain their tenancies.  

C.A.S.S. (Community Alcohol Support Service) provides outreach support to people with alcohol addiction problems who are in their own tenancies.  The service focuses upon addressing addiction issues but also assists people to maintain their tenancies and prevent homelessness.

Both services assess people's needs and provide individualised support in reflection of the level of need.  The services utilise structured support plans and work with people towards their agreed identified goals.  Most of the support is based in the person's home and visits are agreed on a weekly basis. 

People are supported with practical aspects of maintaining their tenancies such as maintaining a safe environment, food shopping and cooking, dealing with correspondence and also in relation to C.A.S.S., specialist supports around alcohol addiction issues. 

Both services operate on an 'assertive' outreach basis so the engagement with the service is maintained to a high level.