Batson Street Project is a purpose built building in the Govanhill area in the south of Glasgow. The project is a registered care home for adults who experience enduring mental ill health. The building is over 3 floors and offers single room accommodation and communal cooking and social areas. The project works on the Recovery Model of Care and aims for people to live at Batson street for up to 4 years before moving on to a more independent accommodation.

Referral Criteria

Batson Street Project provides services for adults over 18 and under 65 years of age who experience mental ill health. Referrals are made by local authority Care Managers or health professionals. A single shared assessment will be carried out with the service users needs and desires at the centre of all discussions. Service users will be invited to visit the project a number of times prior to moving in, in order to get to know staff and other service users, and to ensure that they are confident that the service will meet their needs. The first 4 weeks after admission to the service is an assessment period after which a review will take place to confirm the suitability of the placement.

Services Offered

  • 24 hour flexible support from an experienced, committed and trustworthy staff team
  • A named key worker
  • An outcome based care support plan developed with the service user which supports  their individual rights, needs, preferences and choices
  • A safe, secure and enabling living environment
  • Support to enable the service user to expand their capabilities and achievements by accessing a range of community services, resources and activities
  • Support to enable the service users to develop and maintain social networks, recreational, educational and/or occupational interests
  • Support to access appropriate health care, counselling and advice.
  • Designated smoking room in the care home
  • Support to gain the skills necessary to move on to a more independent model of service provision or to an unsupported tenancy
  • Trained and committed staff conversant with best practice and recovery models of support

The project is registered with and inspected by the Care Inspectorate.
Reports are available on request.


Project Manager
Batson Street Project
74 Batson Street
Tel: 0141 423 1413