We are one of Glasgow's largest providers of respite care, supporting individuals, including those with learning disabilities to continue to live with their own families throughout provision of short and long term breaks. 


Who is the Service For?
Many families include a family member who has a learning disability. Often this can be accompanied by a physical disability and, depending upon the severity of that disability, that person's care needs can vary. Some people with learning disabilities require fairly intensive support with daily basics while others can lead a relatively independent lifestyle. Respite Care is intended to support these individuals and their families so that people who have a learning disability will be able to remain with their families and lead full lives in their local communities. The service is available for children.

What can it Provide?
The Short Break Service provides a residental care service usually of three or four days duration. Longer or shorter breaks can be arranged according to the needs of the client. We are currently developing an even more flexible service in dialogue with service users and their families. 

Where is it Provided?
We operate six respite centres at various locations throughout Central Scotland. We have three centres located in Glasgow and one centre each in North Lanarkshire, West Dumbarton and North Ayrshire. 

How can I Request these Services?
Information about each centre is provided from the Project Manager. Enquiries can also be made through your local Social Work Department. Before a placement can be offered, the Social Work Department will require to complete an assessment of needs and approve funding for the placement. 

Is There a Charge?
There is a charge for respite care. The charge will vary from centre to centre. The Social Work Department will meet most of the cost and clients are required to make a contribution. This will be fully explained by the Manager prior to a placement being offered. 

How Long Will I Have to Wait? 
This is dependent on various factors. Generally we like to offer an introductory period of visits with perhaps an overnight stay to reassure clients and carers of the nature of the service. Before any placement can be confirmed, the Social Work Department must confirm that funding will be made available.