In 1977, the Community Social Services Department of the Archdiocese of Glasgow was set up by the  late Cardinal Archbishop Thomas Winning, to develop services in response to the levels of poverty and social exclusion that existed in the Greater Glasgow area.

Since then, the Community Social Services Department developed an extensive range of social care services for older people, those with mental health or addiction problems, homeless young people and people with a learning disability or a sensory impairment.

The original strategy sought to pioneer new kinds of services, develop projects to meet needs that were otherwise not being met and promote innovative approaches to service delivery, particularly in geographical areas noted for their high levels of social exclusion and lack of resources.

In 2003, after consultation with his advisors and senior officers of the Archdiocese of Glasgow, Archbishop Mario Conti decided that the Community Social Services Department should be set up as an independent organisation.

The Mungo Foundation

Archbishop Conti was keen that The Mungo Foundation should have the opportunity to develop its own marketing and fundraising strategies, create its own distinctive ethos in the marketplace of care and carry on the traditions of Christian caring in the modern world.      

The Mungo Foundation is a leading independent provider organisation with over 30 years experience of providing quality person-centred services to individuals of all ages with wide range and complex support needs.

Today we employ over 800 staff who support around 1,500 service users in a diverse range of services throughout West and Central Scotland.

We continue to respond to 'new' needs, as is demonstrated by our young asylum seekers and addiction projects, and our committment to provide for the changing care needs of our service users.

Changing services, meeting needs

At The Mungo Foundation, we believe that we can make a difference to people’s lives by providing support to help them realise their life choices.  We currently support people with a variety of care and support needs including:

  • Young people affected by homelessness
  • Home and Day Services
  • Older People
  • Older People with Dementia
  • People affected by Substance Misuse
  • People with Alcohol Related Brain Damage
  • Services for Women
  • People with Mental Health Problems
  • Learning Disability Supported Living
  • Learning Disability Short Breaks / Respite
  • People with a Sensory Impairment

We work in partnership with a variety of agencies that help us to deliver the highest standard of support. We also work closely with statutory agencies such as the NHS and local councils in Scotland.