we're themungofoundation...

We're unafraid to work with many on the fringes of ‘acceptable society’, regardless of their lifestyle choices, ethnicity or gender - whether they share a faith or have none – providing services and support for many who could otherwise be homeless, or isolated in their own home, or unable to cope with poverty, disability, infirmity or addiction.

A community is more than simply a geographical location. It is about people living, working and being active members of society. We're is committed to supporting people to become valued members of their local communities and wider society.

We aim to support and promote relationships which are conducive to growth and development, while recognising the specific rights of the individual.

We believe that our services should be organised, managed and developed in a manner which reflects not only the strong principles of social justice, social inclusion, community and quality of life, upon which they were founded, but also reflects the imperative to keep moving forward…


we're all about care... helping the most vulnerable people in our community live as independent a life as they can