we're themungofoundation...

We strongly believe in that Human Rights (recognised universally and are set down in the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rightsare) are basic rights and freedoms to which all people are entitled.

The understanding of human rights in the context of our work is that people not only have a right  to the basic needs of life – such as food and shelter – but also have the rights necessary to ensure that authentic development is possible.

Respect for the dignity of human life cannot be separated from justice. This respect implies a demand for justice, namely recognition of the intrinsic human rights of all people.

Our services are not provided based on financial reward but on a belief that we, as an organisation, should be involved in providing a range of services to people with different needs, which promote and enhance the quality of life of the person, so that they may live their lives to the full in the community and realise their full potential... 


we're all about social justice... supporting people of all ages with varied and complex needs