Lorraine Eivers

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What Is Important To Me

My family and friends are key in my life.  I have recently returned to live in Ayrshire, where I was born.  I live with my husband and near my mum and my younger sister (who has recently moved into residential care).  I have reconnected with my friends from school days and keep a wide network of friends from all over the world.

My passion is travel, I love to explore new places, meet new people and learn new things.  To relax, I enjoy swimming, gym, theatre, concerts and eating in and out - food being a huge part of my life.  My plan B was actually to be a Dietician. I also dabble in amateur photography and a goal of mine is to have a photograph printed in the National Geographic. To totally switch off I can be found in my new garden, where I am about to try my hand at my first vegetable patch.

I enjoy a sense of achievement at the end of the working day and believe that by striving to ensure our support functions are the best they can be, then we can play our vital role in supporting the delivery of the best quality care we can to those we support.

How Best To Support Me

I like the rush of pressure to meet deadlines. This is when I am most creative. It means I sometimes end up asking for things late in the day and if this is not your style of working you need to remind me to give you time to organise your usual workload to accommodate my requests.

That said - I like to be very organised and can be a bit of a neat freak at times. I like a tidy office and like reports, spread sheets etc. to be accurate and well structured.

I always want to be kept in the loop on all matters relevant to me and my areas of responsibility.  My leadership style is collaborative as I feel it is important to consult on the views of others (two heads being better than one).  However, as a member of the SMT, I do need to take decisive action at times and that can sometimes mean taking decisions that are not always popular with our workforce.  These decisions are always taken with the success of the organisation and the well-being of our staff and those we support at the forefront.  I do this in a manner that reflects how I would wish to be treated in such circumstances.