Una Munro

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What is important to me?  As a single parent, I have established a very close relationship with my daughter.  The two of us have come through good and bad times as a strong supportive unit.

We are extremely good friends and spend quality time together.

I have immediate and extended family who have always provided a positive and helpful circle of support.  They have been a constant in my life and I have relied on them for practical help, support and guidance (although I have not always taken their good advice – I have always appreciated them).

Work is extremely important to me and in many ways defines who I am.

I have always been an advocate of social justice and strongly believe that people’s opportunities should not be limited by the circumstances in which they have found themselves.  Age, poverty, gender, addiction homelessness life experiences should not be an obstacle to living a better life. 

Working for The Mungo Foundation has allowed me to help make a difference to people’s lives.

I very much enjoy playing and watching sport such as tennis, curling and swimming.  I am a bit of a rugby fanatic, which has come from the fact that I grew up attending rugby games. My grandfather, father and brother all played at international level.

My early childhood memories are of attending club games where I would help the grounds man run the huge communal baths and, to this day, I can still smell the intense smell of antiseptic deep muscle rub, which took over the players changing rooms.

Good food, beautiful places, art galleries and visiting international cities are how I like to spend my time and treat myself.  But when I am down and needing time for reflection, I would choose to walk the dog along the beach by the sea, exposed to the elements.

3 How best to Support me..     I am a known technophobic both at home and at work.  People at work try to convince me of the benefits of using technology.  Although I try to take on some of the advice and support offered, I tend to try and work things out in a way I understand, which can often take longer.  However, this does not mean that I don’t get things done well and on time.  I just do it differently!!

I recently experienced the empty nest syndrome with my daughter heading off to University.  Initially, I had a tendency to focus more on work - to fill the void leaving working later and later. I needed to be reminded, by colleagues, of the importance of a work life balance and a bit more “me” time.

I am now a 3 nights a week “fit body farm” member.  I am slightly leaner and a whole lot fitter.  I leave work regularly at a reasonable time.  This has helped me to be more efficient and focussed at work, while at the same time be healthier, happier and have the time to enjoy my family and friends network.